IT-1203  Ideal for h


IT-1203 Ideal for heavy-duty applications, the lubricant – also designed for easy dispensing will not melt, freeze, wash off, or break down under high speeds, extreme heat or heavy loads. It provides a clean, white low odor grease in a easy to dispense form which is enhanced with Teflon® fluoropolymer for better water resistance, maximum lubricity, higher temperature stability & better boundary lubrication protection. It performs in a wide temperature range of -17°C to 204°C. The lubricant provides a long lasting protection in a broad range of applications & conditions reducing friction in metal to metal & metal to plastic applications. Common application of the product are its use on open lube points and high load applications including gears and shafts, heavy duty chains, cables, machinery, conveyors, lifting mechanisms, overhead garage doors, axles, bearings, pivots, linkages, cables, fan motors, slides, couplings, automotive hinges, brake parts, latches, springs, coils, pulleys, bolt threads, plumbing fixtures, etc. Additional Information: Item Code: IT-1203

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