IT-1091 is a wet, th


IT-1091 is a wet, thin-film thixotropic coating designed for protection of the finely machined metal surfaces such as tools, dies, molds, including plastic injection molds, spare parts, machines etc. against corrosion during storage and transport. This coating also protects under tropical climate and marine conditions. Product features include its ease of application & removal. The film deposited is thin coating which is removable and also lubricating. It is ideal for components where markings must remain visible or those where coated parts are to be welded or assembled directly without any preparation. Traditionally used for preservation of the plastic injection molds, some of its other applications include its use for protection of engineering components exposed to high corrosive loading, e.g. outdoor weathering under roofs of semi-finished products, finished products etc. up to 2 years. It is an excellent choice for use on shipping protection of packed and unpacked machines and machine parts, apparatuses and equipment goods under extreme climatic conditions. After application, it forms a transparent, oily protective film that will not run off and also adheres well to vertical surfaces. Additional Information: Item Code: IT-1091

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