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We wish to introduce ourselves as the distributor for High Performance Lubricant and have on offer, a complete range of lubricant specialties, maintenance products and products for corrosion protection etc. from the following companies - businesses. 1. E I DuPont De Nemours USA. 2. Ultrachem Inc. USA. 3. Setral Chemie GmbH. 4. Saint Gobain Abrasives, GmbH. 5. COGELSA Spain 6. CrossNet Product Pvt. Ltd. Navi Mumbai The product line up – often exceeding the most challenging needs, demonstrate broad applicability & replace hundreds of purpose-formulated conventional oils and greases throughout the Industry. The product range includes: a. DuPont Krytox - Performance Lubricants b. DuPont Vertrel - Precision Electronic Cleaners c. DuPont TraSys - Release Agents d. High Performance Lubricant Specialties from Setral & Ultrachem covering the following: i. Synthetic Oils & Greases ii. Compressor Oils iii. Food Grade Synthetics oil & Greases iv. Vacuum Oils & Greases v. Heavy duty & Long Life Synthetic Gear Oils vi. Refrigeration Oil e. Maintenance Consumables i. Aerosols ii. Pastes f. Metal Working Fluids g. Coratex - Purging Emulsion for remove residues in extruders. We wish to introduce ourselves as the Distributor of M/s Raj Petro Specialties Pvt Ltd a Rs.2000 Crore Corporate Entity headquartered in Chennai with three plant located as Chennai , Silvassa, Panoli (Ankleshwar) and have on offer, a complete range of Conventional Lubricant.  Grease  Hydraulic Oil  Gear Oil,  Compressor Oil,  Turbine oil,  Heat Transfer Fluid  Quenching Oil  Forging lubricant  Corrosion Preventives  Metal Working Fluid Our other products ranges Optibelt GmbH – Timing Belts & Pulleys Contact: 9426035613

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