High Temperature Chain Oils Exposed to extreme conditions of high temperatures, washout by pre-treatment chemicals and a variety of other demanding situations–Industrial conveyor chains need a fail-safe, high performance lubricant can you buy essays online to run efficiently. When used for lubrication of the conveyor chains in the paint baking systems, these must also be compatible to military resume services the modern sensitive paint systems. Our chain oils are premium, non-carbonizing and ash-less lubricants. These don’t form carbon, gum or sludge deposits & have low evaporation rate making them last longer. The oils have outstanding wetting and spreading properties. When working under severe conditions of heat & run under mixed friction conditions, it is essential that chain oils reduce friction and wear Design Attributes of High Temperature Chain Oils : Resistant to oxidation and ageing Excellent corrosion protection Excellent wear protection with low friction rates. Adherent; must resist drop-off & spin off. Outstanding creeping & penetrating properties. Resistant to chemical fumes. No lacquer; lubricants must evaporate leaving no residues. Applications for High Temperature Chain Oils: Coating Ovens Conveyor Chains – Automotive Industry Lateral Chain Belts Tunnel / Lap / Tray Ovens Cams Bearings High Speed Can Lines Lithographic Chains Oven Slides & Gears Conveyor Roller Ball Bearing Chains Gypsum Board Processing Fiberglass Processing Wood Processing