IT-1088 is a flexibl


IT-1088 is a flexible coating specially formulated for use on electrical equipment. It protects against moisture and corrosion. It possesses high arc-resistance and insulating properties. It is successfully used in applications that range from class 105 to 220. The product penetrates thoroughly and forms a tough, flexible film which has a high arc resistance and non-tracking properties. The coating resists oil, water, acids and alkalis & has an excellent adhesion. It is oil resistant & can be thinned with low cost solvents. The coating is used for motor, stator, coil and transformer impregnation. controller shafts, finger blocks, switch bases, and other electrical insulation, switch parts (porcelain molded compound, etc.) It is also used for field coils, windings and machine frames, inside motor frames, commutator parts, collector rings, enameled wire coils. For sealing oil lines, air lines, threaded pipe joints, transformer drain taps, gaskets, etc. Additional Information: Item Code: IT-1088

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