IT-1204 A high tempe


IT-1204 A high temperature copper based anti-seize compound in a spray form, the product provides protection against high temperature seizing and galling. All mated parts, studs, bolts, flanges and gaskets, remove more easily and in cleaner and better condition. This product can be used on copper, brass, cast iron, steel, all alloys including stainless steel, all plastics and all non-metallic gasketing materials. It performs as an ideal assembly lubricant for threaded connections, especially the ones exposed to high temperatures and vibratory loads. IT-1204 prevents seizing and sintering of threaded connections at high temperatures and makes dismantling easy even after long hours of operation. The lubricating properties of the compound provide an optimum balance between the tightening torque and he pretension. Additional Information: Item Code: IT-1204

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